Dry January: A New Year Mocktale

Dry January is the process of kicking off a brand new year by joining the masses in an annual attempt at taking control of your finances, achieving those weight loss goals and improving your overall health. If your resolve is shaken because of the gaping void when you're out with your friends on an evening and … Continue reading Dry January: A New Year Mocktale


7 Reasons Why You Need to Pay TK a Visit This Season

Trinity Kitchen; pride of Trinity Leeds is a one of a kind (I know the feeling – it’s a gift & a curse) venture designed to bring joy to foodies, shoppers and the ‘fight against time to get your lunch in the middle of a working day’ individuals. I fall in to the latter most days.

New Year, Old Me Anyone?

Sparklers- Courtesy of Ian Schneider

With 2018 approaching at speed, there is a growing pressure to have your entire life planned out and make it happen in a perfect sequence of 'It's okay, I have everything under control'. In an effort to validate your choices (and mine) I have put together 5 simple reasons why 'New Year, Old Me' should be a thing.